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JC SRL 170 t
Compact and towable firewood processor to the 3 points of the tractor.
It can be electric or tractor driven, with a cut up to a diameter of 50cm.

Tractor Model:


The "T" version is powered by the tractor's three points, and is towable and can be operated even in the middle of the forest.

Benefits of the "T" version:
- Greater ease of transport;
- Ability to process firewood anywhere;
- Compact unit, capable of processing all types of wood;
- No need for additional accessories; 


Machine Measurements:

A) Comp. Overall: 530cm

B) Max. width: 180cm

C) Max height: 210cm

D) Total Height.: 320cm

E) Comp. loader: 240cm

F) Width. charger: 213cm

G) Width. Overall: 376cm

Weight: +/- 2700kg

Dimensions of splitting and cutting:

Max. from the trunk: 50 cm

Comp. max. from trunk: 300cm

Comp. trunk cutting length: from 20cm to 50cm (adjustable every 5 cm)


Control system: Control panel integrated into the machine console equipped with a joystick and manual button to measure the trunk before cutting with 12V power supply.

Machine assembly: To connect to the power take-off, it must have at least 55hp.



More information about the two models:

Full process cycle (cut and split): 6 seconds on average

Slicing blade: 4 e 6hydraulically adjustable tracks (standard); (option: 8 ways)

Saw Lubricator: Automatic 4 liter oil reservoir

Saw motor: Hydraulic motor

Saw bar: .404 Harvester; (752mm)

Saw chain: .404 18/19HX Harvester (85 links)

Machine feeding: toothed conveyor and thorn roller.

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